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Included are bipolar transistors, n-channel mosfets, p-channel mosfets, Schottkys, Zeners, switching diodes and protection diodes, as well as resistor-equipped transistors and LED drivers.

“Automotive qualified discrete leadless packages range from the very small DFN1006BD-2 [1 x 0.6 x 0.5mm] up to DFN2020D-3 [2 x 2 x 0.65mm], including the recently-released DFN1110D-3 and DFN1412D-3 styles,” according to Nexperia, which claims good thermal paths in its DFN parts – and junctions up to 175°C are supported by some packages.

Side-wettable flanks are included for optical inspection, with the company claiming that this feature also improves the mechanical robustness of the package-to-pcb solder bond compared with devices without wettable flanks – improving shear forces and board bending capabilities.

“With the automotive DFN package family Nexperia gives engineers the choice: either to develop their application with current leaded SMD packages or in the space saving DFN technology,” said Nexperia general manager Mark Roeloffzen.

Types available include standard products such as BC847, BC817 and BAV99, with more to be released though 2020, “resulting in the industry’s widest portfolio of such devices”, said Nexperia.


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