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Return Process

1. After-sales service acceptance conditions

1). Customers who need to return or exchange due to the wrong quantity of the received goods, the model does not match, and the product quality issues, can submit an application for return or exchange within two weeks after receiving the goods.

2). For returned products, please keep the complete original packaging (including outer packaging and inner fillers) and ensure that the goods labels are intact. The goods labels are the only evidence that Cicotex Electronics (HK) Ltd. and the supplier coordinate the return and exchange, such as Lost items will not be returned.

3). If you apply for a return due to product quality problems, the customer must provide a detailed English version of the performance test report as the basis for negotiation between Cicotex Electronics (HK) Ltd. and the supplier. If necessary, a third-party English test report recognized by both parties must also be provided.

4). Invoiced orders need to be returned after the return and exchange application is approved.

2. After-sales service is not accepted

1). The original packaging and the label of the goods are missing.

2). Products that have been used / tested on the machine.

3). The delivery time is more than two weeks (subject to the date of express delivery).

4). The invoice has been lost.

5). Misorders and misorders caused by customers' own reasons.

3. Submit after sales steps

1) The user can search the completed order that needs to apply for after-sale by searching the order number or product model in the [Member Center]-[My Order] page, as shown in the figure below:

2) Enter the after-sales details page, and after filling in according to the prompts, save it. The customer service staff of Cicotex Electronics (HK) Ltd. will contact you and communicate with you in time.

4. After-sales service processing time

After the user submits the after-sales application, Cicotex Electronics (HK) Ltd. customer service staff will accept and feedback within two working days.

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