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Brand Introduction
Beijing Kunteng KTMicro Microelectronics Co., Ltd is a fast growing fabless semiconductor design company. Mainly engaged in communication and consumer electronics for analog / mixed signal application / RF integrated circuit design and manufacturing, including radio tuner, transceiver, interface, and various types of high-speed serial transceiver, audio and video digital signal processor, drive, digital mobile TV, high performance DAC / ADC (800MSPS dual channel 16bit DAC; 250MSPS 12/14bit ADC), sensors and other products. It also works closely with systems vendors and chip vendors around the world to provide the key technologies needed for analog / mixed / RF signal processing in SoC.
Product Series
High speed and high precision digital to analog converter, single chip high performance AM/FM radio chip, wireless microphone, single chip, single chip, high performance FM, RDS radio chip, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, instrumentation, communications / network transportation / automotive industry / Automation
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