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Brand Introduction
HEIDENHAIN (Heidenhain & Co.) products guarantee the efficient and efficient work of machine tools and large equipment. Since 1948, HEIDENHAIN in Germany after Traunreut reconstruction, has delivered a total of more than 6 million sets of linear grating, 15 million sets of rotary encoder and encoder, 500000 digital display device and nearly 260000 sets of TNC CNC system. Today, even in the future, the expertise accumulated during this period will become HEIDENHAIN company is your correct choice of guarantee. The continued development of Heidenhain's company is based on the continuous delivery of technology excellence products, reliable and customer oriented products, and practical oriented concepts. HEIDENHAIN, on the one hand, works with research institutions and works closely with its clients. Committed to providing users with a large number of highly personalized linear and angular metering solutions to fully reflect our super competitive ability. This includes our measurement and testing equipment designed for the global standards laboratory. It is used as an angle encoder for astronomical telescopes and satellite receiving antennas. HEIDENHAIN's standard products also benefit from the accumulated knowledge and experience in these projects.
Product Series
The length meter, the linear grating ruler, the rotary encoder, the angle encoder, the interface, the digital display device and the measuring head
Application Areas
Medical electronics, instrumentation, transportation / automotive industry / Automation
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