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Brand Introduction
Daito Corporation (Daito Communication Apparatus Co. machine, Ltd.) was founded in 1948, DAITO lead to independent technology development of high precision fuse alarm. And continuously to fuse the failure reason and the life expectancy and so on has carried on the forecast and the analysis, has promoted the total quality management, has caused the product quality to obtain the obvious enhancement. At the same time, the ratings of the series fuses are multi-level, which expands the choice of customers. With the rapid development of microelectronics and the corresponding times in recent years and the needs of the company in 1995 DAITO was developed for circuit board installation of high precision small alarm fuse, then developed a continuous automatic installation of square micro fuse. After that, our company developed the sheet fuse which is suitable for the rapid development of surface mounting technology in recent years, and now it is used as the commodity supply market. Dadong launched in accordance with the latest technical requirements of goods, laid a unique position in the industry.
Product Series
Fuse, fuse holder
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, lighting, electronic communications / Networking
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