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Brand Introduction
DREXELBROOK was acquired and consolidated by AMETEK in 2000 as a subsidiary of AMETEK. Founded in 1960, the company is located in Pennsylvania, USA, and AMETEK-DREXELBROOK is a world famous manufacturer of level and level instruments. More than 50 years of unremitting efforts to make AMETEK-DREXELBROOK products world-renowned. AMETEK-DREXELBROOK products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, water conservancy, food, medicine, paper making, mining, automobile and many other industries.
Product Series
RF admittance level switch, RF admittance level meter, continuous radar / continuous guided wave radar level meter, ultrasonic liquid level meter, switch and continuous tuning fork level switch, magnetostrictive liquid level meter, oil in water analyzer
Application Areas
Medical electronics, instrumentation, transportation / automotive security / surveillance, industrial / automation, energy / reconnaissance
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